To increase customer satisfaction, all MSB LLC's products from January 1, 2011 share the same registration code. For example, when buying Car Explorer PRO please get on this page the registration code for MyScreenSaver Builder and use it to activate Car Explorer PRO. Alternatively if you already purchased MyScreenSaver Builder you can additionally (no additional charges) download and activate Car Explorer PRO. The coming Rational Typist PRO, which is now available as Rational Typist free version, will follow the same activation method.

I would like to purchase from Kagi, the following items supplied by MSB LLC:

[$59.95] MyScreenSaver Builder 2.1 (All World Cars Edition) for Windows Vista (Windows 7 compatible)

[$59.95] MyScreenSaver Builder 2.0 (All World Cars Edition) for Windows XP

The Vista activation code is valid for XP version, and XP activation code is valid for Vista version so that you can buy any and activate any version. One activation code is valid for v2.0 and v2.1. Free downloads of MSB are available on MSB site.

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