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[$35] PM Glossary V5.0P Single HTML file
[$52.50] PM Glossary V5.0P PDF file

File Sizes

PM Glossary V5.0P (Personal Licence) HTML is a single flat web (html) file with no links but suitable for simple printing and searching. Size 2.9 MB. Compressed download file 552K.
PM Glossary V5.0P (Personal Licence) PDF is a single file in Adobe PDF format, complete with internal links. This version is more suitable for searching content or printing (542 pages). Size: 5.1 MB. Compressed download file 4.6 MB.

Either of the above project management (PM) Glossary products can be used on a PC or Mac. Minimum recommended system: CPU 100MHz; 64MB RAM; Windows 95 or later or Mac OS 7.6 or later. Mac users using up to OS 9 may find it necessary to allocate increased memory to their browser application. For example, PMG V5.0P-Single is a large HTML file and requires 25 to 30 MB of RAM allocated.

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