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I would like to purchase from Kagi, the following items supplied by James Davis :
[$5] Autotype - Individual
[$20] Autotype - Small Business
[$50] Autotype - Corporate
[$250] Autotype Site-License

My licensing for autotype is very loose. I basically ask people to pay what it is worth to their needs. Since I am paid a wide variety of amounts, I've included a number of options. Pick the one appropriate to you. I ask that you be fair. I want to make autotype available to individuals cheaply, but if you use it for your job at a company, pay the corporate price.
You have probably already have received a registered version of autotype by email. If you have not, then send mail to jedavis@cs.stanford.edu and make it clear that you have paid but not yet received autotype and I'll email you a copy right away.

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