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Ordering Astro IIDC Application Unlock Keys

Item Price Qty.
Astro IIDC 4.0 Application $US 110.00  
At the bottom of this form will be the Serial Number field to paste the 17 character unique identifier number(s) into.

The "Astro IIDC" application will (i.e. select the "Registration Options..." item under the "Astro IIDC" menu and follow along) extract this unique identifier number for you to the Clipboard so that you can paste it into the field below.

Ordering DFG/1394 Unlock Keys
Item Price Qty.
DFG/1394-1 PowerPC OSX ONLY Driver 2.x $US 29.95  
DFG/1394-1 Universal PowerPC and x86 OSX Driver 3.x $US 50.00  
At the bottom of this form will be the Serial Number field that you can enter the DFG/1394 Serial Numbers into. On the under side of each DFG/1394-1 units is either a 12 characters for the "C" and "D" series or 8 characters for the "E" series.

NOTE:If you are entering multiple serial numbers, each serial number must be separated by a space character. Failure to follow this convention will result in delays in you receiving your unlock codes as we will need to contact you via e-mail to verify them.

Ordering Custom Products
Item Price $US

Enter Serial Numbers to Register:

An unlock key for each serial number submitted will be e-mailed to you, with instructions.

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