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Enter the desired quantity in the boxes next to each product.

I would like to purchase from Kagi, the following items supplied by WinPIM :

WinPIM Personal Edition

[$39.95] 1 User - 1 year upgrades
[$79.95] 1 User - Lifetime upgrades
[$24.95] 1 User - Renew 1 year upgrades
[$49.95] 1 User - Renew to Lifetime upgrades

WinPIM Business Edition

Should I purchase Business Edition?

[$59.95] 1 User - 1 year upgrades
[$249.95] 5-User - 1 year upgrades
[$449.00] 10-User - 1 year upgrades
[$799.00] 20-User - 1 year upgrades
[$1399.00] 50-User - 1 year upgrades

[$99.95] 1 User - Lifetime upgrades
[$399.00] 5-User - Lifetime upgrades
[$699.00] 10-User - Lifetime upgrades
[$1199.00] 20-User - Lifetime upgrades
[$1999.00] 50-User - Lifetime upgrades

[$19.95] 1 User - WinPIM Personal Edition Upgrade to Business Edition
[$29.95] 1 User - WinPIM Business Edition Renew 1 Year upgrades
[$49.95] 1 User - WinPIM Business Edition Renew to Lifetime upgrades

VB Animation GIF ActiveX Control

[$39.95] VB Animation GIF ActiveX Control, Single User License

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We will e-mail You with the registration code for WinPIM within 2 days. If You have any questions regarding WinPIM, please have a look at our web-site: http://www.winpim.com prior to e-mailing to support@winpim.com.

You will receive a receipt by e-mail. We cannot send a fax.

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