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Single page sponsorships

A page sponsorship puts your chosen name on the page you're sponsoring. "Sponsored by John Doe" for instance. Your sponsorship text can possess an embedded link to your own web site OR email address, as is your preference.

One PREMIUM page sponsorship for ONE MONTH for $50.00

One STANDARD page sponsorship for ONE MONTH for $25.00

One BUDGET page sponsorship for ONE MONTH for $12.00

Story cameos, and supplemental element and legend-building links

A story cameo lets you replace the name of an important character in one of our existing online stories with your own-- or create an all new supplemental character or other element link on our site.

Where you choose to replace an existing character, your customized story will then get its own web address, which you may next share with whomsoever you wish.

Supplemental characters/elements and legend-building links are similar, in that they both consist of a high visibility, clickable link, in a page on our site suitably themed to act as a gateway or introduction to your own web site or email address.

ALL story cameos and supplemental character/element and legend-building links have a duration of TWO YEARS.

One main character cameo in a single story or chapter for $49.95

One supporting character cameo in a single story or chapter for $34.95

One legend or supplemental character element for $24.95

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