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eMando Account (six months) 29.50 USD  
eMando Account (one year) 44.50 USD  
eMando Account (no expiration) 74.50 USD  
eMando Switchboard 349.00 USD  
eMando Router 289.00 USD  
eMando Remote Assistance 219.00 USD  
eMando Router + eMando Remote Assistance 449.00 USD  

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Credit card orders are processed immediatly and the registration codes for accounts are delivered by e-mail. eMando Switchboard, eMando Router and eMando Remote Assistance can be downloaded from the restricted areas in the User Panel. The processing time of eMando Switchboard, eMando Router and eMando Remote Assistance is at most two business days. You will be notified by e-mail when you can download the software.

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