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- All membership levels includes a subscription to Secular Nation Magazine
- Members receive a $10 discount on full convention fees (two of this benefit are available for Household, Supporting Household, and Couple Life members).
- Supporting and Life members will also receive free copies of the Freethought Directory for each year of membership.
[$36] AAI Individual Membership, 1 year
[$68] AAI Individual Membership, 2 years
[$100] AAI Individual Membership, 3 years

[$47] AAI Household Membership, 1 year
[$90] AAI Household Membership, 2 years
[$133] AAI Household Membership, 3 years

[$75] AAI Supporting Membership, 1 year
[$145] AAI Supporting Membership, 2 years
[$215] AAI Supporting Membership, 3 years

[$1000] AAI Lifetime Membership, Single
[$1500] AAI Lifetime Membership, Couple

(Student Memberships - $15. By Mail Only -- Student ID and proof of age required)

[$60] Journal of Higher Criticism - Institution
[$30] Journal of Higher Criticism - Individual

[$36] Secular Nation Only, 1 year

[$10] Freethought Directory

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[Enter dollar amount] Donation - General Fund
[Enter dollar amount] Donation - Education Fund

Convention 2005, Stars of Hollywood, Los Angeles, DVD:
[$15] AAI Convention 2005 DVD

Help Those Impacted by the Hurricane:
[Enter Dollar Amount] Donation - Gulf Coast Fund (The quantity put in this field will be the number of dollars donated (for example, enter 50 for $50))

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