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Project Maintenance
FreeGIS maintenance units
(FreeGIS is a project by Intevation maintained by Jan-Oliver Wagner, Bernhard Reiter and Frank Koormann, the founders of Intevation)
USD 10.00  
Skencil - Bernhard Herzog's vector drawing program maintenance units
(Bernhard Herzog, currently an employee of Intevation is the author of a vector drawing program.)
USD 10.00  
Thuban maintenance units
(Thuban is a project by Intevation. Lead developer is Bernhard Herzog)
USD 10.00  
What do you get for your payment?

For the Project Maintenance, You buy our time and resources to

  • improve the project where it is most needed (see the todo lists)

  • continue daily maintenance
Maintaining the projects is in our own interest, so Intevation will continue to do so. Buying our time will allow us to do the work faster and and with a higher priority. We will also be motivated to even do more because we know you care.

For the FreeGIS Products you buy the selected products as described above and presented with more details at the FreeGIS product page.


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