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Windows Software:

[$14.95] Agile 10 Key
[$149.95] Agile 10 Key Site License

[$11.95] Galactic Geometry 3D
[$119.95] Galactic Geometry 3D Site License

Mac Classic Software:

[$19.95] The Reading Machine
[$199] The Reading Machine Site License

[$11.95] Snakey Math
[$119] Snakey Math Site License

[$11.95] Pillbug Golf
[$119] Pillbug Golf Site License

[$11.95] Haste
[$119] Haste Site License

A single-user license covers one individual or home.

A site license covers use at one school or business location. (For a district license, simply order a quantity of three site licences for the desired product.)

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Curry Kenworthy

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