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Ann-S-Thesia's Graphic Registration

Please note that this form is only for purchasing web graphics that I will email to you. All other services and products (i.e., fonts, CDs, advertising and fine art images from Eyebalm.com) have been moved to separate forms.
Please go here to buy Graphic CDs. (Web Graphics on CD-ROM, Desktop Wallpaper, Tarot CDs)
Please go here to buy fonts.
Please go here to buy digital art images.

Registration of Web Graphics. Note that these are non-exclusive graphics, meaning other people may be using them as well. If you want exclusivity, consider an eXthetic graphic set or consider hiring me to design one for you.
[$15] EyeSite Pro License (Phase 4 with Graphics).

[$10] EyeSite Pro License (Phase 1, 2 and 3).

[$10] Environment License.

Top Header Graphics.
[$15] Template and JPEG Graphic
[$30] Template and PSD Graphic

Web Art-icles.
[$15] Single Art-icle in PSD format
[$30] Six Pack of Art-icles in PSD format

eXthetic Licenses. Prices vary per model...please select the correct price for the one you want. No links are required, but copyright to ann-s-thesia.com must remain. These are eXclusive...no one else will own the same one you purchase! :-) Please refer to the eXthetics page if you have any questions. (Link opens to a new window for your convenience)
[$49] eXthetic Individual License
[$99] eXthetic Designer License
[$50] eXthetic Upgrade from Individual License to Designer License

[$20] Customize 6 Buttons
[$10] Customize Nameplate
[$5] Customize Solitary button with text (price is per button)
[$10] Adjust html and javascript to add additional buttons onto navigation bar (includes adding text...price is per additional button)
[$20] Color Change of design

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